Frequently asked questions

What is airbrush tanning?

Because of the damage UV tanning beds cause to the skin, airbrush tanning has become one of the most popular alternatives for a tan. Lotions with an orange tint and spray booths are a thing of the past. It’s a 10-15 minute process where an airbrush artist uses an airbrush tan gun and sprays a tan onto the top layer of your skin, soaking in enough to give you a tan without it reaching your blood stream. And within two weeks it washes off leaving no damage behind.

How Is it healthier than regular tanning?

Airbrush Tanning is completely safe and healthy. We pride ourselves in using 100% organic tanning solution for our clients. This method of tanning is proven to have no harmful effects or long-term skin issues. Because of our safe solution we are even able to airbrush people with illnesses and pregnant women.

How long does it last?

An airbrush tan's prime color is within the first 3-4 days of the initial spray, but can last anywhere up to a week if taken care of properly! You can do this by visiting our section below, "How can I make my tan last longer?"

How long does it take?

Our airbrush artists are fully trained to be in and out as quick as possible with no mess. An airbrush can take anywhere from 15min-1hour depending on set up and how many people. The actual spray tanning process takes 5-7min. The rest is setting up and taking it down and your artist explaining the steps and instructions. We typically estimate that a new/first time client's appointment will take about an hour, while a client that gets airbrushed more often may only take 30 minutes.

Will I be orange?

We know what the myths always say. We can assure you that there is no orange residue in our solutions. Our airbrush artists have searched everywhere for the number 1 solution that will not only take care of your skin but give it a brown- not orange- glow. Because our solution is specifically created for After Dark, we are able to customize our tans on location unlike most tanning salons that use pre-mixed solution from plastic jugs. Because of this, our artists will anazlyze your skin during your appointment, listen to the color you want to achieve and will be able to mix your custom color for you. This ensures your tan looks natural, yet bronzed and beautiful.

I'm nervous! What should I or shouldn't I do?

Besides the basics, stated in our "Process" page there are many questions we experience while on site of our clients. Here are a few that we've picked that may help you when getting your airbrush tan. Standing over the toilet - Women: When going to the bathroom do not stand over the toilet. The toilet bowl seat will not leave a mark on you. If you have a white toilet seat cover and are afraid of getting airbrush on it, simply wipe it with a wet paper towel or cloth afterwards to remove residue that may show up afterwards. Washing dishes: After awhile you get so used to your airbrush tan, that you may forget you have it! And like we've said, you must wait the 6-8 hours for the color to really set in. So be careful when going to wash dishes, or give your children a bath. As this may cause uneven coloring because of rinsing too early. Rain: Avoid going out in any rain. If you have to, cover up by wearing a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt with a hood, long pants, sneakers and an umbrella. Rain can cause tiny spots to appear on your tan. Wearing flip flops can cause color to smack onto the back of your legs. So covering up, even if it's just a little cloudy out is always best. Gym/Exercise: Working out can cause you to sweat. So the night of your airbrush you should really set a time to get to the gym before you shower and prepare for your airbrush tan. This avoids streaking or weird colors to appear afterwards. Heat: Sleep with an air conditioner or fan on if you sweat easily. Also, wear light-weight pants and shirt. This helps any spotting that can occur from sweat.

How do I prepare?

Completely exfoliate yourself with a hot shower to prepare for your After Dark sunless tan. Use a loofa and exfoliating soap to remove dead skin and dirt; additionally remove virtually anything that could create tan lines (such as wristbands, jewelry, bandages, etc…). Nails, shaving and waxing should all be done before the tan as well. If you have sensitive skin - try to do these things a day or two before your tan, instead of the same day.

What do I wear?

Women may wear whatever they are comfortable with (nude, underwear, bathing suit, etc…). Men must wear either boxers or a bathing suit bottom. Our solution washes out of clothing. For after the tan we recommend baggy clothing like sweatshirts, t-shirts and sweat pants. Avoid wearing clothing that is too tight or that may create lines after you have been sprayed. Wear the same clothing to bed and rinse the next morning.

How do I make my tan last?

In the past our artists carried disposable Everyone wants his or her tan to last as long as possible. The best way to do this is by using the right products. Exfoliating before your tan is important as it ensures your tan will spray on the best way possible. Exfoliating with scrubs and loofas will ensure all the dead skin and residue from the day is washed off. It is also essential that you hold still while being airbrushed. Wearing loose clothing afterwards is important. All moisture should be avoided the night of the tan. In the morning rinse off using your hands (no loofa). Avoid using soaps that contain sulfates such as Dove and Ivory. Try to use organic soaps that contain no sulfates to extend the life of your tan. Baby wash is our preferred choice! Additionally, we also sell products for touch up’s for in-between tanning sessions and primers to help bring out your glow. Most importantly, you want to keep your body completely moisturized to help seal and lock the airbrush tan on; this also needs to be non-sulfate. Our "Process" page has everything you need to make sure you're prepared before and after your airbrush tan.

When should I make my appointment?

Everyone is different when it comes to availability. It takes eight hours for your tan to fully absorb. Because of this, we reccomend scheduling your tan 1-2 days before your event. We accept appointments as early as six months in advance.

How do I make an appointment?

The best way to make an appointment is by contacting us a week in advance via email, here from our website. After your first appointment, future appointments can be also made through text message. For our texting line, please ask us during your appointment.

Can I call to make an appointment?

Due to our hours consisting of late nights and traveling, we do not schedule appointments via phone. If you would like to set up and schedule a phone consultation, please e-mail us to do so.

Do you sell products?

Our product line, "Midnight" is aimed to be released to the public by September 2020.

Are pregnant women really safe?

Our solution is 100% organic. We do recommend consulting your physician before tanning. We can supply your doctor with the list of ingredients that we use if need be.

What room is best for my tan?

UPDATE 5/2020: Due to COVID-19, we have directed our airbrush artists to not touch anything within the locations of where their appointments will be taking place. This includes door knobs and railings. Please keep this in mind when choosing a place for your airbrush appointment. Kitchens and living rooms are best. --------------------------------------- Our mobile tent can go virtually anywhere: indoor or outdoor, bedroom or kitchen. The only thing we recommend is that you have an outlet for our compressor and a lot of lighting so our artists can see where they are spraying. No room will ever get messy from our spraying- so carpets, couches, tiles and counters are always safe! We do ask, if possible, for your tan to take place on a first level floor.

Do you accept credit cards?

UPDATE 5/2020: Due to COVID-19, we are no longer accepting credit card or cash payments until futher notice. Scheduled clients will recieve an invoice to their e-mail address on file the week or their appointment and invoices should be paid 48 hour before their reservation time. Failure to do so will result in the appointment being cancelled. Gratuity can be given in cash, but please put it in a plastic bag before handing it to your airbrush artist. --------------------------------------- Yes we do. We do not allow our artists to carry spare change or cash on them, so for your convince we accept all major forms of credit card. We do not accept checks of any kind or payment through phone apps like Venmo or Google Pay at this time.

Do men do this too?

Many will never admit it, but tanning among men has become increasingly popular. The boost in confidence and appearance has a positive effect on both sexes.

What if I mess it up?

It's very hard to really mess up your airbrush tan after an hour has gone by. Little 'mess ups' like a dab of water on your arm or a little toothpaste on the side of your mouth most likely will not mess up your tan. If you're not sure, we ask that you contact us and send us a picture so we can talk you through blending the mishap or so we can schedule to come back. Depending on the severity of the accident or distance in traveling will depend on a possible charge or fee.

What is this build up on my hands or feet?

At After Dark, we try to avoid too much color added to your hands or feet. But sometimes, this can be hard to do. Airbrush tanning is cosmetic, due to this and having to wait the 6-8 hours before rinsing, minor things like this can happen between your tan and then. When you see tan build up on your ankles or hands, try using a rag with lemon juice to lighten the color. Afterwards, use a loofa or washcloth to scrub some of the color. You will notice a huge difference!

What if I don't like it?

There are no refunds, but we will do our best to accommodate your tanning needs as much as we possibly can. If you do not want your tan on any longer, exfoliating it off will take off the color.

Do you have a store?

After Dark Airbrush Tanning is strictly a mobile service. If you are located out of our service areas, contact us about what we can do to work with you!

What is the cancellation policy?

Due to limiting our appointments for the time being to help lessen our airbrush technician's exposure during the COVID-19 crisis, our cancellation policy has changed to ensure appointments being held are followed through. Invoices not paid prior to 48 hours before the appointment will be canceled automatically. Appointments cancelled before 48 hours, will not be charged a fee. Appointments canceled within the 48-24 hour window prior to the appointment will be charged a $45.00 cancellation fee. Appointments canceled after 24 hours before their appointment will be charged 50% of their appointment total. Appointments no-showed will be charged full price. Clients over 15 minutes late to their appointment will be automatically cancelled and charged the full amount.


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